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radioactive cesium kilogram

[Concentration of Radioactive Cesium in Domestic Foods

Between fiscal years 2014 and 2016, we surveyed the concentration of radioactive cesium in commercial foods produced in areas where there is a risk of radiation contamination due to the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster. The number of samples with a concentration

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Fukushima fish with 180 times legal limit of radioactive cesium

2023年7月25日  A total of 44 fish with cesium levels above 100 becquerels per kg have been found in the Fukushima plant port between May 2022 and May 2023, Tepco

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Isotopes of caesium - Wikipedia

Caesium (55Cs) has 40 known isotopes, making it, along with barium and mercury, one of the elements with the most isotopes. The atomic masses of these isotopes range from 112 to 151. Only one isotope, Cs, is stable. The longest-lived radioisotopes are Cs with a half-life of 2.3 million years, Cs with a half-life of 30.1671 years and Cs with a half-life of 2.0652 years. All other isotopes have half-lives less than 2 weeks, most under an hour.

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Radionuclide Basics: Cesium-137 US EPA

2023年2月14日  Last updated on February 14, 2023. The most common radioactive form of cesium (chemical symbol Cs) is Cesium-137.

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Distribution of Radioactive Cesium during Milling and Cooking of ...

2018年6月1日  To clarify the behavior of radioactive cesium (Cs) in buckwheat grains during milling and cooking processes, parameters such as processing factor (Pf) and

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Solved Radioactive cesium, cesium-134 and cesium

O We are 95% confident that the radioactive cesium concentration in Pacific bluefin tuna four months after the nuclear meltdown is above the historical levels of up to 2 Bq/kg. Students in a physiology lab collected

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The biological impacts of ingested radioactive materials

2014年5月15日  Using the mean pupal weight under standard conditions (0.035 g), these half doses of cesium corresponded to 5.4 (±0.06) × 10 4 and 2.2 (±0.06) × 10 4 Bq per kilogram body weight, respectively.

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Nuclear fallout is showing up in U.S. honey, decades

2021年4月20日  "Cesium levels in honey were probably 10 times higher in the 1970s," Kaste speculates. "Because of radioactive decay, what we're measuring today is only a whiff of what was there before." The findings

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Fish contaminated with radiation caught off northeastern

2021年2月24日  The voluntary suspension of seafood shipments by the fishing body marks the first time since October 2019, when 53 becquerels per kilogram of radioactive

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The biological impacts of ingested radioactive materials on the

2014年5月15日  10.1038/srep04946. A massive amount of radioactive materials has been released into the environment by the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant accident,

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